Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday’s Culinary Adventure



Thank Heaven, The Office is all new tonight!!  I thought that this day would never come!!  My life can begin again!!

So, in that spirit, I am posting this a little earlier than usual.

Sounds like it is your lucky day too.

Today, on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure:



Can you think of anything that looks less appetizing, whilst still being considered a food? 

(Which means that it disqualifies bodily fluids and insects from the competition…)

This is how I feel about it.       IMG_1753

Sigh, the things that I do for you readers…

When I was telling my friends about what I was cooking with tonight (that’s right, they occasionally get a sneak peak.  Lucky, lucky, friends…), my friend Colleen mentioned that she had heard of people on the Atkins diet cooking and mashing up celery root like potatoes.  Apparently they have less carbs.

Now, this worried me for two reasons:

1) I live in IDAHO, and would like to stay loyal to potatoes at all times.  Potatoes for life, baby!

2)  Carbs + Caitlin = HAPPY!

Low Carbs + Caitlin = Questionable.

So, this is a real adventure to be sure.


Well, as I was researching this cute little number, I found that there are about a bazillion and one ways to prepare it.

I chose two.

The first, is RAW.

-Cut open the celery root.    IMG_1746

Is it supposed to have these spots inside?  Or is that because I bought it last week and forgot about it until last night?

The world may never know- as no one else may ever buy one.

-Take off the skin and dig in!

Taste Testers Say:

Brian: “Hmmm…Interesting and slightly pleasant.”IMG_1748

Caitlin: Odd.  Very odd.  I’m not sure about it, but it’s not bad.”IMG_1749

Or else, “I’m pooping.”

Not the best picture.

Joseph: IMG_1739 (No, he didn’t actually eat any, he’s just cute.)

Now, On to #2:  Cooked up and Mashed.

-Cut up the (peeled) celery root and throw it in a pan with some water.            IMG_1751

Oops!  What are my salt and pepper shakers doing in the picture?  Awww… I love them!  Anthropologie, you sly fox…

-Once they are tender (you know, like potatoes), mash them up with a little butter and salt.IMG_1755

Taste Testers Say:

Brian:  “Eeesh.  Not feeling it.”


Caitlin:  “Bummer!”IMG_1760

Joseph: “Let me go, Mom!”

Summary:  Well, celery root tastes like…celery!  A meatier, denser, non-stringy version of celery. 

Like a love child of celery and jicama perhaps. 

It was not too bad raw, but I hated it mashed. 

I would be interesting to try it mixed with some spices and maybe other root vegetables.  But not interesting enough to ever buy it again.


Raw: C+

Cooked: D-

And, since, even on a bad day, WE ARE CUTER THAN CELERY ROOT:




Nina said...

I am impressed that you ate it. I am not sure I could have done that. LOL....

Mommy of M's said...

I don't ever think I've seen a celery root looks disgusting. There is no way I would have tried that, and I'm pretty sure Hubby wouldn't have either.

Ter said...

you are adventurous indeed!

Carrie said...

Brenna says: carbs + brenna = insulin! low carbs + brenna = Happy!