Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This Little Piggy Take 2


Do you remember when I posted a video of Joseph snorting?

Well, apparently it is still hilarious to him because he is now doing it all the time to get a laugh out of us.

When we were in Oregon, I would be laying down in a bed next to his crib so that he would go to sleep (he was afraid to be left alone) and he would start snorting so that I would laugh. 

And then he would laugh.

And run around, and knock on things.

It was a regular slumber party.

I caught some pictures of a snort-session while my Mother-in-law was over last weekend.

Here he is mid-snort


And then laughing afterwards


(little bunny)

Mark and Mo March Visit1

I will post a video of the snort-action in just a few minutes.


Joseph also thinks it’s funny to throw food.

I think it’s not.

Here he is about to throw- note his teasing-testing expression


And he decides to go for it.      IMG_2398


So hard not to laugh at my little Class Clown.



Nina said...

LOL... Isn't it funny how the figure out what humors us and it is a game from then on. My little guy loves to throw food. Luckily I have two dogs that don't let a single crumb rest on the floor. Now when we are out somewhere else, not so pleasent because then I have to clean it up.

T Rex Mom said...

Love all the postings - I cannot wait to show T Rex - he had to take an early nap since he was up early. We can't wait to see you guys soon - we've been missing you! Glad you had a good trip and SO glad the Zyrtec helped.

Rachel said...

Oh yes, throwing. Don't pay attention to it and he will grow board of it. The snorting thing is funny and cute. What's funny is he will laugh at himself laughing at himself when he watches the video years from now.

Amanda said...

hahaha!! That is too funny!

We are still fighting the ocassional food toss. Although they do learn pretty quick that it isn't that funny.

Jen said...

OH he is just so funny. And I too would like to know what is to darn fun about throwing food? My boys do it all the time too.

Anonymous said...

It all comes from you. You know that, right?