Monday, April 13, 2009

Here We Go Again?

Bad news, bloggers.

I seem to have been hit with another illness.

Out of nowhere today- BOOM! Throat of fire! Head pounding! The achy-shakes!
(I don't cope well with being ill.)

I must finish my tidy up and go to sleep.

Thank you Brian for taking over Joseph duty and letting me lay down this evening.

I'll be back tomorrow. (Please!)

PS Joseph is still awake in his crib...


Ter said...

aw is caitlin-poo sickie-woo again?

((hug)) feel better soon! (I hate being sick, so I'd whine about it too. :)

T Rex Mom said...

Glad Brian could help out. I am certain Joseph was loving time with his dad. And please take care and feel better soon!

Maureen said...

sleep well Caitydid! Hope you're feeling better in the morning!

Nina said...

That is so rough getting sick all the time. I have a few blogs I read and it seems like they are always getting sick also. I use to be that way but now I will not eat or drink anything after my kids and I seem to stay much healthier for it. Get well soon!!!

Jen said...

It always gets you when you don't want it. Sucks. Feel better soon.