Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Bong, Revisited.


Wowza, who knew that so many people knew so much about bongs?

I have received several notes from people, and revisited the conversation with Brian. 

Yes, apparently he meant a bong like a smoking-bong and not a BEER bong. 

And no, he didn’t correct me when I continued at the time as if he was talking about a beer bong, but it is in his best interest to keep me happy so maybe he was just going along with it.

And yes, he is a very smart man who, apparently knows his bongs.

The smoking bong looks a bit more like the shirt:

IMG_2916     VS.          bong


So, Brian’s reputation is saved.

Or is it??


Maureen said...

And again I say "That's my boy" because just because you've SEEN a bong doesn't mean you inhaled :)
Way to set it straight Caitlin!

Rachel said...

Ha, that is so funny. I thought it was a bowling pin when I first saw it. Interesting...It sounds like something my husband would say.

Ter said...

evidently, Brian needs to go bowling to refresh his memory? lol, I can't imagine looking at the shirt and thinking it was anything other than a bowling pin!

Nina said...

LOL... looks like he got that one right after all. You are so much bigger than me because I would have never said anything past the beer one.

Jen said...

Ah, I still don't think it looks like a bong. ;)

T Rex Mom said...

You guys have a bowling alley right by the house - maybe he needs a visit!

I love it!

I still think the shirt is cute!

Cooper au fil du temps... said...

Did we all forget that Brian was Michael Phelps for Halloween...Hello, of course he would know what a bong looks like!

Caitlin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You're right, Colleen! I hadn't thought of that!!