Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Raining-

Which means that I am here- In OREGON!

Sorry for no farewell post this morning, but I slept past my alarm. Luckily, I have another early-bird alarm named Joseph who woke me up with just enough time left to get ready.

My friend Colleen came to pick me up, and we headed out to Portland at about 6:45 or so.

With both of our one year old boys.

For seven + hours of driving.

I'm so tired.

The good news is that Colleen had a travel DVD player recently purchased off of Craigslist that absolutely saved the day. Seriously.
We Baby Einstein-ed our way to Portland!

One of the babies slept like a dream and patiently sat in his car seat. The OTHER baby only slept for about 20-30 minutes the whole way, whined incessantly, and was just generally miserable and cranky. His name rhymes with Boseph.

So, I finally got little Boseph to sleep a few minutes ago and I am off to bed myself.

I will post when I can, and upload pictures when I figure out how to do it on my inlaws' computer. (probably never.)

Here's to a long night's sleep. (?)


T Rex Mom said...

I'm so glad you made it safely and so sad to hear it was a long trip. We were thinking of you today and wishing you safe travels.

Thanks for the update and have a good time! Hopefully, your family will volunteer to watch Joseph for you some of these mornings so you can sleep in. If they don't, we are happy to watch him and let you sleep in!


Jenners said...

Glad you made it safely...even if Boseph made the journey a little less fun! And I love Oregon ... I went to college there (in Eugene). And yes...rain is a way of life. But it was good for studying! Have a lovely visit.

Nina said...

Long car rides are hard enough with out one year olds. Glad too here you made it and it wasn't to bad of a drive.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Boseph was so cranky and miserable during the drive. Rest up!