Thursday, April 9, 2009




I listen to Joseph whine literally All. Day. Long. Until I am about ready to rip off my ears.

Brian comes home, and graciously offers to give me the night off, while he deals with Joseph. 

(I think he feared for his son’s life.  Or at least the prospect of any future children.  It isn’t looking good for a #2 this week.)

I take off in a sweat of relief, and find a quiet place in town to read and regroup.


After only about an hour and a half,

I start missing Joseph.

And I need to come home.

I walk in the door, he runs into my arms, and the whole whiny, exhausting, frustrating day is instantly forgiven and forgotten.

I just want to spend the whole night holding my sweet baby and sniffing his shampoo-y hair.

I guess that’s motherhood for you.



T Rex Mom said...

I hear you! I left T Rex with his Nana today for just a couple of hours while I ran errands and I missed him so much. I find it tough to find that balance between being a mom and not losing myself in the process.

Rachel said...

I love it. Some days I'm yelling at Brennan about how hard a day I had and he offers me the night off, but for the same reason I feel guilty too. Sometimes I leave and sometimes I run like heck. Those beautiful babies are TOO cute sometimes.

Jen said...

I so feel that same way!

Nina said...

It is moments like that we just love. I know I can loose my mind sometimes but then when I am gone for just a bit the smiles and hugs are so refreshing.

Jenners said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel. It is the conundrum of motherhood. But you do need to take that time away ... you really really do or it will build up. You need to get away to let yourself crave him again!

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's motherhood!