Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Morning.


It has been a little bit of a rough morning, and it feels so good to sit down with my bowl of steel cut oats (with raspberries) and my computer.

Joseph is taking what I call a “Let’s Try That Again” nap.

As in, you’re not the little guy that I want to spend my whole day with, so let’s take an early nap and see if you wake up happier/nicer/less clingy.

Have you ever taken a shower with the ice-cold shower curtain wrapped around your leg? 

You know, because your one year old is standing outside the shower, clinging to you through the clear curtain

That basically sums it all up.

But, no one likes a whiner, so let’s wipe our tears and move on to the last few pictures of my Oregon trip that my “lazy” sister  emailed me last night:


My Grandma with all five of her kids:


My cousin Julie and Jaxon!

IMG_0165   Can you believe how big he’s gotten?

 (Haha.  I originally wrote “how big SHE’S gotten” by mistake.  Wouldn’t that have been funny if I hadn’t caught it?)

My Mom and Dad              IMG_0152

My brother, sisters, parents, and me


(I had to take my glasses off because they were tinted ala Unibomber.)

And the pair that you have been waiting for:


I look like a single mom. (Who is 16)


Us with the woman of the hour.



Apparently, if I call someone lazy on my blog, they jump into action really quickly.  A little bloggy peer-pressure.

So, I am now going to take a nap, and I refuse to blog again until all of you lazy readers send me lots of presents.



T Rex Mom said...

Sorry about the rough morning! I hope things go better soon!

Love the photos - T Rex does too!

Looking forward to seeing you at the egg hunt tomorrow! Might have to do a cross-over episode!

Anonymous said...

Who you callin' lazy?

Your family is ridiculously cute and happy and good stuff.

Mommy of M's said...

Great Pics!!

Rachel said...

Here is a present, MY cranky kids!

Nice family, it's neat that you got to come out and see your whole family. I wish my grandma was still alive. She would be 101 years old. I don't blame her for not being around, I would want to die too.

Jen said...

Oh I love the family photos. I have tried the lets try that again nap before. It doesn't work so well over here but I hope that it worked for you.

Nina said...

I know exactly what those mornings can be like. You wonder why they are so moody. My guy has had like 45 minute naps all week and that is it. It isn't enough and I don't get it.

The family photo's are great. Don't think twice about looking young. When you get around my age cough... 34, you will really be thankful people think you are young. I hated it for years and now I love it.

suzy said...

so fun to see all of those pictures! your mom looks so young and pretty! woohoo for a good gene pool! (thanks for the gene pool lesson, mr. sears...) so fun to see you guys last weekend. love!

Maureen said...

Really nice family photos! Hope Joseph woke up feeling a little happier - he is undoubtedly having withdrawals from all the attention in Oregon :) sorry, it couldn't be helped!