Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things Not Experienced



Joseph was running around in one of his adorable new summer shirts the other day.


So cute, right?

So I asked Brian, “What do you think of Joseph’s new shirt?”

Which, of course, means “Praise me on my outfit choices and justify my money spending by telling me how adorable our son looks.”

Brian said, “Oh yeah, he looks cute.  Except that it looks like he has a bong on his shirt.”

Me: “A Bong?  Like a beer bong?”  (Because isn’t there also a smoking type bong?  I am unsure.)

Brian: “Yeah.”

Me:  “Huh.  Does it?”

Brian:  “Yep, I think so!”

Me:  “Wow, it’s supposed to be a bowling pin.”


A few minutes later-

Me:  “Wait, isn’t a bong like funnel shaped or something?”

Brian:  “Oh yeah.  I think you might be right.”

Me:  “Hmm.  I think so…”

Brian:  “Well, in that case, cute shirt!”


So today, I searched Google Images for beer bongs and this is what I found.95

Yeah, not so much like the shirt

IMG_2916 VS. 95


This is what happens when you are married and

working full time before you turn 21!

(And when you are pure and innocent like me!  Right Mom and Dad?  Right??)



Ter said...

what were you (or more evidently, he)smokin'? lol

Princess Caitlin said...


T Rex Mom said...

Funny! It has to be a Mini Boden, right? If so, you've got me trained well!

See you soon!

Jen said...

if that shirt is what a beer bong then your husband seriously needs to get out more.

Maureen said...

THAT'S MY BOY!!! That conversation makes me laugh, and reminds me of many through the years. LOVE YA BRI!

Amanda said...

hahaha I read the first paragraph and looked at the shirt, turned by head sideways and still couldn't figure out how it looked like a beer bong.
All I could see was the bowling pin!

Mommy of M's said...

That shirt is GREAT!! I LOVE IT!

But it so does not look like a bong. I mean, if in fact what you have pictured is a bong. I've never see one in realy life! HA!

Cooper au fil du temps... said...

I laughed really hard!

Nina said...

That cracks me up..... I would have never thought outside of the bowling pin.