Monday, April 20, 2009




This weekend was a weekend of firsts.

-First encounter with the sprinkler

IMG_2889 (aren’t those tiny swim trunks to die for??!!  And he looks like such a dork in that sun hat- hahahahaha!)

 IMG_2892 IMG_2894

It looked promising, but didn’t end up going so well.

IMG_2895 IMG_2897


-First time pooping in the tub(Not pictured.  Brian wouldn’t let me, saying something about it being to gross??  Strange man.)


-First time sitting up at the table in a booster seat



-First time getting to see the “Quack-quacks” (birds) at the bird feeder while eating lunch.



- First time seeing a bird get EATEN BY A CAT…

That’s right.  About 30 seconds after I took the picture of him pointing at the bird, one of our cats jumped up and got him!

I ran screaming outside, grabbed the hose, and sprayed the heck out of our cat, yelling “Drop him, drop him, drop him!”

While my innocent son bore witness.

And called, “Mama?”

He probably thought that I was crazy.

I came in and sat down shakily to continue lunch with my baby.

Bye, bye, Quack quack.


Well, you win some, you lose some, right?  All in all, not a bad weekend!


Oh, and look what I found when I came back from a quick bathroom break today-




(smashed hard boiled egg that he had swiped from the fridge!!)


(He was showing me a piece of the shell)

Naughty boy!


Ter said...

funny how he noticed that egg shell piece, you probably didn't even see it before that. What is it about babies and dishwashers? you need to lock it up even when it's empty. And that poor birdie. I have to agree with your husband on the gross issue and thank him for not allowing you to take a pic. And as for joseph looking like a dork, may I point out the fact that YOU dress him? ;)

Maureen said...

Our little baby boy is quickly cruising into "boyhood" with all those firsts! SO many more to come, too.

T Rex Mom said...

He does NOT look like a dork in that hat - quite the opposite - very cute!

Great list of firsts. Glad was not there for the bird incident. I would have been crushed!

He is so looking like a boy and no longer like a baby!

Mommy of M's said...

Great post.

M1 is terrified of the sprinkler, I don't get it?!? And he pooped in the bathrub a couple months, GROSS!! I made Hubby clean the tub and all the toys. GROSS

M2 is fasinated with our dishwasher, not me, the actual diswasher. Must be a boy thing!

Nina said...

Those are all great!!! OK the pooping in the tub isn't but I have been their since Thomas did that about 2 weeks ago.

My oldest saw our dog (Gold retriver) get a baby bird when he was 2. I was so mad at that dog I didn't talk to her for a week.

I am shocked my dishwasher door isn't broken because Thomas is always hanging out on it.