Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Favorites and Not-so Favorites


This week, my favorite thing is:


More flowers on my table!

It is amazing what a difference it makes to me to have flowers around my house.

They just really cheer me up and brighten my day.


I even find that I keep a cleaner kitchen because of them!  Don’t want a beautiful vase of flowers on a messy table!

My Not-So-Favorite thing is:


The BUMMER strawberries that I have been getting at the store!

I swear, they look perfect when I take them home, but by the next day, the bottom half of the strawberries looks all brown and mushy.



I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and a very Happy Easter!


T Rex Mom said...

The strawberry thing happens to us too with Costco strawberries. I had to throw a bunch away a couple days ago - they only lasted a day or so. Horrible waste. Lovely flowers! Very spring!

See you soon.

Kori said...

I, too, love fresh flowers. Sadly, they don't help me keep my house clean. thanks for stopping by my blog today; you very well may be the first feloow Idahoan to have done so!

Maureen said...

That pink and orange together is a great combo! Hopefully, you'll have strawberries of your own soon enough!!!

Nina said...

I would love to have flowers like that on my table all the time. Yeah, the strawberrys are frustrating. I can't wait for my own to start growing.

Anonymous said...

I totally get the strawberry thing here too. I usually turn it upside down in the store to get any indication of mush but even that doesn't always help.

Happy Easter!