Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Poll

As some of you have noticed, I haven't been posting as much these past weeks.

I read something somewhere about how the ideal posting quantity is about 3-4 times a week so as not to overwhelm readers, and I have been a little gun-shy since then.

Plus, I have rediscovered my love for air-popped popcorn and a movie during Joseph's nap time.
Pure heaven.
And cheaper than online shopping.

Please refer to the survey to your right...
You can choose more than one option.

By the way, in my crockpot right now is some homemade RHUBARB applesauce! Couldn't you just die?! My sister made some last night and topped it with whipped cream...yummm....

But before you become intimidated by my culinary skills, let me just say that I am just serving scrambled eggs and waffles for dinner.
Lucky, lucky Brian.


T Rex Mom said...

Did you read the info from Jenners? Me too so I stopped posting on weekends. Good for everyone!

But did you read her posting from yesterday about blogging burnout?

Anyways, I like reading your posts and do genuinely feel sad when I check to see if anything new has been posted. Of course, I like seeing you guys in real life better - like in about an hour and a half! But I understand if you prefer popcorn and movies!

See you soon!

Devon said...

Caitlin, your blog is my stress reliever every day at lunch. You can have a day or two off here and there, I understand - but don't listen to those silly blog advisors, they haven't ever read YOUR blog!

Jen said...

You know, this is your spot, you blog! If you want to post twice a day, once a day or less than do it. So what you want to. You true readers will be happy.

Ter said...

I try not to post more than once a day but I do sometimes. Fridays I always have 3 posts, but 2 of them are more visual (Friday Funny / VGNO) while the other one is longer (Fragments). The rest of the week I try to limit it to one post or less a day! :) I post less when I'm working, so sadly-for-you I am posting all the time right now. lol. ;)

But it really depends on how the person writes. Some people (like me) write long, boring, overwhelming posts. I think most of your posts are just the perfect length, you don't go on and on, and you bring in some humor along with it (in a way that I can't) Keep up the good work!

Nina said...

Let me try this again... I had this all typed out and my power went out. Ugh...

I say post when you want and don't let others decide for you. I find some weeks I post a tone and other weeks I got nothing.

I find that I really like reading blogs that don't get all drawn out with lots and lots of talk. I love the short couple paragraph type posts that I can have a quick read and enjoy. Kind of like the way you post. If I don't read every day, I will catch up on the days I missed when I can sit down and read.