Monday, October 13, 2008

R.I.P, A Haiku


Due to a snow storm on Friday night,IMG_7691   IMG_7693 my beautiful walkway of flowers has perished. 

They gave me many, many months of joy, and I am sad to see them go. 

I can't help but feel responsible.  About two weeks ago, I wrote a letter...okay, a hate note, to Boise, criticizing the hot, hot weather that we were still having, and begging for some relief.

Who knew what the power of a good letter could do?  Who knew that I had so much influence over the weather?  My poor flowers paid the price.


In compensation, I offer this Haiku unto my flowers:


Bursts of color bright,

Now you are so very dead,

In the trash you go.


Sigh.  Goodbye, sweet flowers. 

Until we meet again.



Given my amazing results after the last letter that I wrote, I would like to write another.  Hopefully, I can recreate my previous success:

Dear Idaho Lottery,

I would like a million dollars.  Oh, and I would have to FIND the winning ticket, since I don't actually purchase them.  I'll be at the mall tomorrow.  Let's do this.


Your Future Best Friend and Writer of Many Haikus in your Honor.



Momma said...

Good luck on this, Kiddo. You crack me up!!!!

Michele said...

Good luck with the lottery thing. Love the blog.

Mommy of M's said...

Look at the bright side, summer flowers die, it's time to buwqy fall flowers. May I suggest Mums?!?!?!?!