Monday, October 20, 2008

Boogers, Doughnuts, Pumpkins, and Failed Pictures.



This weekend, we embarked on the traditional October family outing- the Trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  It was one of my favorite activities growing up (right up there with picking out/chopping down our own Christmas tree), and I have vowed that my child will never have to get his pumpkin from a grocery store!  Unless he asks…

We went to the same patch that we went to last yearIMG_3717 , along with the entire population of Boise.  Okay, it wasn’t THAT crowded, but it was pretty full- and we didn’t go until 5:30 so we thought that we would beat the rush.  Note that last year’s pumpkin that we picked out for Joseph (next to my belly) had a vine attached that looked like a placenta.  Just like unborn baby Joseph.  Gross.

The free hay-ride was first, IMG_7834 and it made me very nauseated.  But, not too nauseated to eat a hot dog afterwards, so don’t you worry.  IMG_7838 Brian decided that he wanted to stay on for the whole ride instead of getting off to pick out pumpkins (??!!), so the hay-ride portion of our visit lasted about half an hour.  IMG_7839 IMG_7847

(Disclaimer:  Please excuse Joseph’s crusty boogers and scab under his nose in EVERY picture.  He has a cold.  I’ll explain the scab later.)IMG_7848

Joseph kept staring at a man standing in front of us, and raising his arm to get the man’s attention.  IMG_7845

A nice lady offered to take some family pictures of us.  Unfortunately, in this one,IMG_7835 I look as though I am extremely anxious, but trying to smile about it, and in this one,IMG_7836 Brian looks…well…you have eyes.  And nary a smile from Joseph.  We tried to take a better one ourselves. IMG_7844

and failed. 

Joseph had his first french fries, and was not that impressed.IMG_7856

But seriously, look at that pumpkin hat.  Couldn’t you just die?

He also hates hay.  I will post a video later.

Finally, we trekked out into the dark pumpkin patch,IMG_7859 and chose the first three non-rotten ones we could find.  One tall, one short and round, and one little.  Guess which pumpkin I am.

Now it was time for the classic Baby-next-to-first-pumpkin-in-cute-outfit picture.  Right?!  Well, apparently, Joseph didn’t get the memo.  Cute outfit, check, pumpkin, check, Joseph cooperating…well…here’s what we got:




An accurate depiction of Joseph this year.

Lastly, we got some AWESOME!! hot doughnuts.  So. So. Good.  I should have gotten more.  Sigh.

Despite the snotty nose, mediocre hot dog, and failed pictures (or maybe because of them?), we all had a great time and made some memories. 

Hot Dog, Sausage Dog, Cheeseburger, Fries, Doughnuts, and pumpkins  = $30

Starting a Family Tradition = Priceless



Honey Mommy said...

I loved his little pumpkin hat! It was SO adorable!

I feel your pain with the picture taking! We tried to do family photos this weekend with our two-year-old... it was a disaster!

Maureen said...

That hat is extremely cute on his little pumpkin head :) I totally relate to the less than awesome pictures, but I guess that is why when we actually GET good ones they are such treasures and why I persevere so much with my camera :)
Actually, it looks like a fun-filled day at the pumpkin patch to me.