Sunday, October 12, 2008

Business As Usual



Well, the company left this morning, the house is cleaned up, and Brian is asleep on the couch after taking 3 Nyquil (he is very sick.)  Back to the real world for this gal.

I had a wonderful visit with my parents (and I am not just saying that because they read the blog.  Although, I probably wouldn't tell you if I didn't have a good visit.  But in this case, I did.  I promise!)  It seemed SO short!  This was mostly a business trip for my Dad, so they were only here for a short time.  Sigh. It was lovely.

IMG_7673         IMG_7677

(Warming up to Grandpa right away!)


Highlights include:

-  Learning to sew.  Well, kind of.  I really really suck.  It reminded me of learning to drive all over again, with my mother telling me how hopeless I was as I careened all over the road-or in this case, fabric.  But, at least she didn't beat my shoulder, pull my hair, or frantically grab the am a success!  I made a couple of cool-ish things.  More on that later. (and  you have to promise to not look too closely at the seams!!!)

-  My mom sewing some curtains to hang in the windows beside our front door, so we could take down the GHETTO wrapping paper we had hanging there instead.  Much classier.  Why did I make her sew it?  Please refer to number one.  (Thanks Mom!  I love them!  And I can BARELY tell that one is longer than the other!...hahaha...)


- Joseph receiving, and LOVING his first Birthday present, from Grandma and IMG_7735 IMG_7742 Grandpa.  The train moves, lights up, plays music, and, unbeknownst to all of us until this afternoon, pinches little fingers in the wheels!  Sad.  But, as you can see, he IMG_7749 REALLY REALLY loves it! IMG_7748 (Thanks Auntie Christin for the socks in these pictures!  I am so relieved that his outfits will finally fully coordinate.  Sadly, I am being serious.) IMG_7744

- Getting to show off Joseph and his tricks, my flowers (before they were brutally killed!  More on that later as well.), and all of my fall decorations to my parents!

Thanks for visiting!  Now please come back!!!!  If Brian is going to be sick, I need your help!!  IMG_7723

The blog will be back to business as usually as well- I am sure that you have all been white-knuckling it through the weekend!!


Brenna said...

We DID miss your blog! We LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My kids talk about the pictures and video clips all the time.... "Mom, just like when Joseph choked on the pear, right?"

I know how it sucks when your family leaves. Hopefully it won't be long until you're back in the land of the relatives... maybe if that lottery thing pans out?
love you!

Michele said...

Savor the years that you can pick out their clothes. Soon you'll be lucky if what they are wearing is clean, matches, doesn't have holes in it or fits. All or none of these things may happen at the same time.

What a sweet baby!