Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shots from Today

Here are some things from around my house today.

Joseph is discovering the joy of kitchen cupboards.



Here he comes to get me!



I love oatmeal, and I love that Joseph is learning to love it too. IMG_7528 How cute that I have a little buddy to share with now.


One of the main reasons that I wanted the book shelf in the play room is so that Joseph could have easier access to his books. Now, he gets out books and looks at them on his own all of the time! Hopefully, he will love to read like me.

Brian’s Solution.IMG_7526

The problem : Joseph loves his mobile, but we don’t want to attach it to his crib. We attached it to a chair quite some time ago and it worked great.

Now that he pulls himself up, and can sometimes reach the mobile, we were worried about him tipping the chair over.

It works great! (Until he exceeds 50 lbs.)

This picture cracks me up.


Don’t worry, he wasn’t really sad or hurt, he has just been a whiny baby (go figure) this week. Fake sympathy is all that I can muster.

Clouds!!! IMG_7549 I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you….



Joseph and his true love the measuring cup have been reunited.

A bowl full of red (and green…)


Harvesting my tomatoes before the frost comes in tonight

Cute Baby with a messy cracker face and only a dirty undershirt on.



T Rex said...

Joseph are you teething too? Mom thinks I've been whiny because of all the teeth I have coming in. And by the way, seeing your play room makes me want to come play - next week? Oh, the measuring cup - my long lost friend too!

Maureen said...

It's good to see Joseph reunited with his adored measuring cup! I also love seeing him being the all boy boy that he is as he investigates all the cupboards and loud noise he discovers! Can't wait to see you again "busy boy"!