Tuesday, October 21, 2008



(Colleen- you should probably not read this.)

Do you see the spider in the picture?


It is crouched down into a ball, but in reality, it is fat, squatty, and about the size of the word “yikes!!” below:


I hate bugs as much as the next person, but spiders, while disgusting, do not bother me nearly as much as vicious wasps, yellow jackets, bees, or a swarm of a hundred hungry ants in my kitchen.

When I saw this fellow in my window a few days ago, I trapped him in a glass and took him outside as he jumped around frantically.  EEW.

(Okay, confession:  I ONLY saved him because Joseph is deathly afraid of the vacuum cleaner and I didn’t want to turn it on.  Also, the crunch of bugs when I squish them gives me the willies.)

Anyway, I threw the whole glass WAAAY out into our yard, shuddered, and sterilized my hands and the window.

Life moved on.

Yesterday morning,  I opened my blinds innocently.  And

There. Was. The. Same. Spider!!!!!!!

Let’s break down this little bit of creepiness.  The spider 1) crawled from the yard to my screen door, 2) found a way INSIDE my house, and 3) made his way into the very same window.

Isn’t that just enough to make you want to bleach your entire house??!!

Any bug that is intelligent enough to do that is my new #1 Least Favorite Bug in the Whole World.


I marched over to the hall closet, wheeled out my Vacuum of Doom, and sucked that spider right up!! 

Joseph didn’t even cry.IMG_7877-1

Sorry spider, in this instance, persistence did not pay off.

Now lets all say a quick prayer that the spider won’t somehow make his way out of the vacuum, out of the closet, across my living room, and back up into the window.

I don’t really think that I could take it.


Queen of Feisty said...

Thanks for stopping over from SITS! Your blog is cute! Your son is adorable, and I love that hat! There is NO way my husband would let me put a hat like that on Spike!

We have those big monkey spiders too! So big you could ride it around the house. So big it waves at you, with its big teeth shining? So big... well you get my point. Shudder.

Maureen said...

That was a narly one alright! And I can't believe Lisa made it through that entry - that couldn't have been easy!!!

britney said...

Now if that were me, I would've moved out of the house! How disgusting.