Friday, October 10, 2008




My Mom and Dad are coming into town today!  This means a couple of things

1)  I am excited!!

2)  I have been cleaning my house like a mad woman!  (Just kidding, Mom, it always looks like this!  Teeheehee)

3)  I won’t be blogging as much as I usually do.  Or, if I do, I will probably just post some things that I have already written and haven’t gotten around to posting.

But, never fear, dear reader, I will be an abandoned orphan again come Sunday night, and I am sure that I will turn to you for solace.

I can’t wait for my parents to see how much fun Joseph has become.  I think that my Dad will really enjoy seeing what a boy he is. 

And I can’t wait to pick my Mom’s brain.  Like,

“What kind of flowers should I plant here? ",

"What grows well over here in the shade?",

"Where should I put these Hydrangea bulbs?"


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go scrub my toilet.

1 comment:

Momma said...

Your house was....pristine is the only word I can think of right now. I am SURE it is always that way, and you are a wonderful hostess.
Lots of love, Mom