Monday, October 13, 2008

One Year Ago


Here is what I looked like one year ago this past Saturday. IMG_3678 I was thinking about them tonight because I took these pictures to send with my Mom when she attended my dear, dear cousin's wedding one year ago today. 

I was invited to be an attendant, but due to some early contractions and my whale-like appearance, I could not.  Still sad about that.  Happy Anniversary, cousin!!  (I think that it is today.)

IMG_3674 IMG_3680

Makes me look downright svelte right now.  Even with my sizable food baby.


Jennifer P. said...

Yay! So happy to find another Idaho blogger! If you got snow too...then we can't be too far apart!

I bet you feel like you can breathe a lot easier now as compared to those one year ago pictures :)!

Momma said...

You DON'T have a food baby, you knucklehead!
And the sweatpants look adorable on you, so go and buy another pair! Yep, stuff only a mom can say. :)