Friday, October 24, 2008

F is for Friday, Friends, and Fun


I got together with my “Mom Friends” today, and, as always, it was a great visit!  So refreshing to be able to carry on an adult conversation; and with people who don’t care if you only talk about babies!! 

It is getting crazy now that the boys are older, we have to (try to) actually watch them to make sure that they don’t kill themselves, instead of just sitting to visit.IMG_7976

We tried to take some pictures of them together, but man, it was hard!  Especially when one can walk! (Not Joseph, even though he is the oldest…)

We bribed them with puffs, and did our best.  Here is what we came up with (They seem to all be going through a “cheesy” stage.)

IMG_7981   IMG_7982


IMG_7987  IMG_7990

IMG_7991 IMG_7987



And finally, my favorite:



It really captures their personalities.

Here are the moms!






Look at how chubby they all were!

I am so glad that I found friends here!  It makes Fridays REALLY fly by.  And now it is the weekend!!!!!


Maureen said...

Everythings is always best when it's shared with friends! Girlfriends Rock!!! Such adorable little boys, too! So glad for you to have girlfriends there Caitlin.

T Rex said...

Love the flashback. Thanks for having us over, Ms. Caitlin. Mom had a great time as did I.

Mc Allen said...

oh man they totally look like triplets!! They are precious and yes, friends are so necessary!! very cute pics... L A