Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday’s Culinary Adventure V


Tonight, on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure:


But not just any potatoes… ICE CREAM POTATOES!!!  Hip hip hooray!  These are sold at the Idaho Fair, and they are delicious!  I went online in search of a recipe, got some general ideas, and here we go!!

You will need:  Ice cream, unsweetened baking cocoa, and whipped cream.

-Set out your ice cream to soften a little.

IMG_7759  I used this kind for three reasons: 1) it is my favorite, 2) it was on sale, and 3) I thought that it would be easier to scoop out of a square box vs. a cylinder.

-Scoop out some ice cream, and shape it into…well…roughly what a potato looks like. (I used my – clean!- hands.)IMG_7762

Put the ice cream spheres (soon to be potatoes), back into the freezer to harden up.

IMPORTANT:  I only put it back into the freezer for about 20 minutes, and the ice cream was still too soft and very difficult to work with.  I would recommend freezing for a couple of hours!!

-Dump some of the baking cocoa onto a plate.IMG_7769

-Roll that little lump of ice cream in the chocolate, dusting off any big clumps.  You may have to sprinkle some more on top to get even distribution.

-Transfer to a clean plate.IMG_7770

You did it!

Now, you can mix things up a little, depending on what you want to do.

-Cut a wedge out of the top so that it looks like a baked potatoIMG_7773

-Add whipped cream to make “sour cream” topping.IMG_7775

-Green sprinkles could = chives

-A yellow Starburst could be a pat of butter!!!IMG_7776

Oh, the possibilities are endless!!! IMG_7778

Again, yours will look MORE believable, because if it was frozen a bit harder, it would not have made a runny mess all over the place!

Adult taste testers say:




YUMMY!!!  Really, really good!  I think that they may have been a teensie eensie bit better if they had been frozen a bit longer, plus way easier to work with and more realistic

We think that they are delicious and fun!  Maybe cute to serve kids on April Fools Day? :)

Grade: A +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Momma said...

Maureen and I are so proud of our kid's wonderful orthodontia---What great smiles! Did your cheeks hurt after that?

Maureen said...

We sure are proud of those smiles!!! Those are the best looking potatoes I've seen... I bet the Idaho folks will be very pleased with this blog entry!

T Rex said...

Mom LOVES ice cream potatoes - are we having some at our next play group?

Momma said...

I gave this recipe to Kathy Johnson today when we met for coffee. She loved it! Her kids are 13 and 15 and they will totally love it too....or else tell all their friends rather proudly, "My mom is such a dork! This is what she fixed for dessert last night."

Felicia said...

These look yummy! Your family is adoreable!