Monday, October 27, 2008

The TruGreen Conspiracy



I think that my neighbor is having an affair.

I also think that my other neighbors are drug dealers….but that is another post. 

Unlike the drug-dealing-neighbor conspiracy, on the affair accusation I have some “proof.”

(Question:  Is it considered an affair if they are just living together/dating and not actually married?  Perhaps I should say that I think that my neighbor has a secret lover?)

Exhibit A: 

 IMG_7959 The TruGreen truck parked in front of the house.

This truck is here probably an average of twice a week.  The TruGreen man is NOT her boyfriend.

Exhibit B:

  IMG_8012 By about 4 pm, the truck is always gone.   The boyfriend is not yet home. 

And yes, that is their garbage in the middle of the road.  They are not what you would call  “classy.”

Exhibit C:

  IMG_8013 Their backyard.

Not the best picture, but I was balanced on a fence post at the time, praying that they would not look outside their window.  I only had the guts to take one shot. 

No TruGreen man worth his growth-enhancing-weed-killing chemicals would let a lawn that he was treating look like this.

You see?!  I don’t think it is just me being bored and inventing things in my head.  The drug dealer thing?  Probably in my head.

If only I had the motivation and courage to bring up TruGreen’s frequent visits. 

If only she were sober long enough to understand what I meant. 

Maybe I could get our lawn treated for free…hmmm….


Our yard is looking great.  I hope that Brian doesn’t get suspicious….



Honey Mommy said...

Wow, that cracked me up. You supersleuth you!

I hope my neighbors aren't spying on me! But then again, I don't have anything exciting going on here!

T Rex Mom said...

Doesn't it make you want to do something strange and see if your neighbors notice?!? If it's any consolation, I sometimes hear my neighbor out in his hot tub with his "lady friends" or smell him smoking pot and howling, yes, howling at the dogs!!!

Anonymous said...

better to be suspicious... i mean, who actually has the tru green man come then has a yard like that? something's up for sure... keep us posted if you don't start seeing major yard improvements soon!