Saturday, December 6, 2008



Look at this incredible sunset that Brian captured tonight!






I missed it because I was napping.  But, really, who was the real winner?


Maureen said...

GORGEOUS!!! Glad he could capture it and share it with you so you could have the best of both worlds - sleep and sunset!

T Rex Mom said...

I am so glad he captured it. We were actually on a walk and watched it and were captivated by it and bummed that we did not have the camera with us. Please thank Brian for us!

Mellises said...! Beautiful.

Rachel said...

That's beautiful. You guys do a lot of napping. I need to start taking naps.

Brenna said...

we saw baby raylie & baby josiah.So cute.Those kids are total opposites.Josiah is always napping & Raylie is always awake! For this matter Idaho does stink. But you guys are lucky too. Snow!? In this case Oregon stinks. I could go on & on with this.