Saturday, December 6, 2008

There’s Somebody In There!


I was thinking back over the last few weeks, and marveling over how much Joseph has learned.  Let’s face it, there is no way I am going to keep track of it all (we are planning on having a few more kids), so I thought that I should probably blog about it.

If you are not as interested in my baby’s every move as I am (what’s wrong with you?), then this may be a bit tedious.  So, for your viewing pleasure, I have included pictures of Joseph eating raisins.  (Because, what could be more interesting than that?)


I bet that he ate at least a hundred.


I dread the coming diaper.


-Joseph can now fairly clearly say “buckle;” as in his car seat buckle, his high chair buckle, etc.  Since the “meow” is technically a SOUND vs. a WORD, we are considering “buckle” to be his first word.  Odd child.IMG_0118

-He now says “Mama.”  Or, rather, “Mamamamamamamama!”  I have discovered that he does not, necessarily mean me, he uses it when he wants or needs something. (Like raisins.)  The other day, when I put him in his crib he, for the first time, reached up and said “Mamama!”  Of course, I got him up immediately, and snuggled him while he put his head on my shoulder.  Sweetie. (I originally wrote sweaty. Ha.)


-Mealtime is a battle of thrown food.  We tell him no, he throws.  We tap his hand, he throws.  We try to distract, he throws.  This week, he shook his head “no” and then threw while looking right at me.  I could see…maybe not quite defiance… but definitely ambivalence towards my discipline reflecting in his eyes.  The terrible twos are going to be a wild ride!


-He says “Bye Bye.”  Once again, this is actually  “Bybybybybybye.”  He follows Brian to the front door in the morning, saying bye bye, and waving, then bursting into tears when the door closes behind his Daddy.  (I occasionally join him.)  Sometimes, in the evening, if he can’t find Brian, he starts crying and saying bye-bye, assuming that Brian has left for work.  Sad.


-This was the most exciting for me.  We have a book called “Binky,” that I read to him quite often.  The other day, I started talking about the book and quoting it’s lines, (“Is binky under the couch?  No…” etc.).  Joseph looked at me, stood up, walked over to the bookshelf, and BROUGHT ME THE BOOK!  It’s a miracle!  It was the first time that I knew for sure, for sure, for sure, that I had made a real connection.  I really felt like, “Hey!  There’s somebody in there!”  Now, when we go to read books, he shakes his head no, which is his way of asking for this book (since it says “no” so many times in it.)  My little smarty.  Now I just have to get him asking for some new books, or else it will get very old very fast…IMG_0126

-Today I was reading him a book called “Charlie Monkey,” and Joseph started saying something.  It sounded like maybe “Gooky” or something similar.  He kept saying it over and over and over, even taking out his binky and looking at me so that I could be sure to hear him.  I guessed a few things (it’s pretty easy when his only words are buckle, mama, and bye bye) and then distracted him.  I was telling Brian about it when he got up, and we realized that whenever Brian reads Charlie Monkey to him, Brian says “Googly” a lot, because the monkey has googly eyes.  As soon as Brian said “Googly,” Joseph started saying it over and over again.  Another odd word for a baby to learn!


So, that’s pretty much it.  Did the raisin pictures have you riveted?

IMG_0129 I wonder if his language has recently taken off because of his ear tubes and the resulting increased hearing?

Thank you for humoring me.  These are some of the things that I know that I will regret not writing down.

In other news, this morning for breakfast I took some of those raisins and made


which Joseph




T Rex Mom said...

I love the interspersed raisin photos - I've been trying so hard to get Thomas to eat raisins. No success yet! I bet those ear tubes are definitely helping!

Maureen said...

I can't wait to read Charlie Monkey with Joseph and here his version of "googly" Loved the raisen pictures and tough luck on being the recipient of the diaper Brian :)