Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday’s Culinary Adventure IX

(Should I call this Friday’s Culinary Adventure I?)

Tonight on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure:


I know, I know, perhaps not the most exciting adventure?  Well, I had another one planned, and then this happened:


Do you know what it is?  I didn’t.  (Well, okay I did, but barely.)  It is my NEW MIXER!!! HUZZAH!  I GOT IT FOR CHRISTMAS BUT EARLY!!!!  AHHH!!!    Excuse my excitement, but do you realize what this means?  It means that I can make marshmallows and homemade bread and divinity and quadruple batches of cookies, and EVERYTHING MY HEART DESIRES!!  Booja!  Sweet Brian got it for me while I was at the store and had it all sitting out.  Aww.  He can leave 20 dirty socks on the floor for free after this!

For those of you who are still confused, this is called a Bosch mixer

IMG_0335 and it is about 2x as powerful as a Kitchenaid, and has the capacity for six stinkin loaves of bread!  The down side is that I only have two loaf pans…but one thing at a time.  You should probably start sucking up to me now, so that I will make you stuff. 

The other gadgets that come with it are a blender (yes, like for smoothies and such) and a food processor (for everything else you might ever want to make.)  I also have cookie dough attachments and a bread hook.  Hot diggity dog.  So, you see?  I just HAD to use it for my adventure!!!

-Pour your pint of heavy whipping cream

IMG_0337 into your Bosch mixer.  What?  No Bosch?  You poor fools.  Well, better break out that Kitchenaid or (sigh) your little hand mixer.  Don’t worry, I was once one of you. (earlier today.)IMG_0336

Once it starts to look thick-ish, add 3 Tb. sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla.  IMG_0340 Then crank your Bosch up to level 3 (med-high) and beat ‘er on up!!

Once it looks fluffy, you’re done!


Scoop it up on top of a chocolate cream pie. (Instant pudding + graham cracker crust.)  Then, top with candy cane sprinkles (which are also mint flavored.)

IMG_0346 What?  No candy cane sprinkles?

IMG_0353 Well, chocolate ones will do nicely too.

Taste Testers Say:

Brian:  IMG_0354 (“I’m not into sweets.” WHATEV!)

Caitlin: IMG_0360 (“I LOVE MY BOSCH! And whipped cream.”)

Julie:  IMG_0355 (“This one’s for you Rich.”) (her husband, don’t worry.)

Summary:  YUM!  Delicious of course, and, not to brag- but it only took me about 2 minutes to make.  Or less.  It is definitely creamier and fresher tasting than that stuff in a can (which I eat regularly)

I am so happy.  If you will excuse me- I am making some bread, and I will be sitting in front of the Bosch the whole time.  When I am not frolicking in the snow with Julie and Jaxon.



Maureen said...

I'm not sure I've ever seen such an excited and thoroughly happy grin on your face Caitlin! What a great gift for you and that pie looks DELICIOUS! Julie also looks SO pretty and happy - have fun cooking and playing with those boys!

T Rex Mom said...

Looks like fun. And if anyone deserves a cool cooking machine it's you! I can't wait to meet Julie!