Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Tomorrow, I would like to:

1) Not let Joseph play in urine that has been sitting in the toilet overnight.  The toilet water is one thing, but urine?  Come on now. (In my defense, he is VERY fast, and he has officially learned how to open toilet lids…)

2) To eat 20 less bites of brownie.  Perhaps if I don’t leave the fork in the brownie pan and the brownie pan on the counter, this will be more obtainable.

3) Think about my bed, about getting into my bed, about reading in my bed, about sleeping in my bed about 4 hours less throughout the day.  Get to bed before 11, woman!

4) Teach Joseph how to change his own poopie diapers.  Enough is enough.

5) Make my bed, shower, dry my hair, wear a cute outfit (and undies), and put on makeup- ALL IN ONE DAY!

6) Get off of the computer during nap time.  Those other blogs will still be there tonight. (Adult contact!  Must have adult contact!!)

7)  Stand at the window waiting for the mail for only 5 minutes total.  You are under 90, therefore the mail can’t be THAT exciting, Caitlin

8)  Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!  I am pretty sure that the bottoms of your socks are not supposed to be covered with Cheerios.

Obtainable? Maybe not.  But, it’s a start!

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