Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday’s Culinary Adventure X


Tonight on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure-


That’s right, as in “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” and you can bet that we sang that song most of the time we were preparing them!

There are many ways to prepare chestnuts, but being that our fireplace is gas, we couldn’t roast them.  Sad.  We decided to cook them on the stovetop, because it looked easiest.

Boil a pan full of water.  Add chestnuts and boil 8-10 minutes.


Drain them, and return them to the pan.  Let them sit in the hot pan over low heat for a few minutes so that they are nice and dry.


Cut them in half and remove the shell and the brown skin.


Eat.  Them.

Taste Testers Say:

Julie: IMG_0480 (“Why does this taste like turkey?”)

Caitlin: IMG_0482 (“Oh, eww!  It tastes like MUSHY MEAT!”) (Note that my picture is in “Sepia” to disguise my greasy hair.)

Brian: IMG_0485 (“This. is. disgusting.”)

Summary:  EEEEWWWW!!  Why, God, Why?  These seriously taste like mushy old turkey or something.  Why is there a song about them?  They are disgusting.  Maybe if they are used IN something, like stuffing…?  Disguising the flavor…  I don’t know.  Don’t eat them plain.

Grade:  Ranging from a D to an F, depending on how you use it and who out of us you ask.  (I vote “F”)


T Rex Mom said...

I guess that's why it's a culinary adventure! I've always been curious but my mom always said, "Curiosity killed the cat!" Guess, I'll take her advise on this one!

Momma said...

Wow, I always wondered about that song! Seriously, who doesn't?! So, good "investigative reporter skills", girls.

suzy said...

for some reason i clicked on 2008... so fun to read these old ones!!! you should do a blog post flashback... like pics from 2008 compared to 2011. happy!