Wednesday, December 17, 2008




Julie and I have matching sweatshirts.


We found them at Gap, and we both loved them so much, that we had to get them.  At least they are a little different in color.

Do you remember when I told you that she and I used to dress up in matching clothes and pretend to be twins?  Running around in these matching sweatshirts really brought it all back!  I got a hold of my mom and asked her to please find one of the pictures of Julie and I matching back in the day and…


Ahem.  I will give you a minute to recover from your hysterical laughter.  a) We might be the biggest dweebs on the planet (especially me, on the right) b) LOOK. AT. THOSE. BANGS c) Please notice that we match EXACTLY, right down to the collars buttoned to the very, very top, sweatshirts around waists, and white hats in hand.  Boojah.  and d) Why did no one tell us to knock it off because we looked NOTHING alike??

I seem to remember that we were all spruced up like this for a trip to The Enchanted Forest in Salem.  That was the magical trip when one person asked us if we were twins, and another person said, “Look!  The DOUBLEMINT twins!!”  We were in dorky heaven.  I suppose that people figured, why would we dress exactly alike unless we were twins and our mother forced us to or something?  Why indeed.

I would also like to point out that we both had reasonably stylish and cool older sisters at this point.  Why didn’t they help a sister out?  One can only assume that they were jealous of all of the attention that we got as the babies and that they were trying to sabotage us.

Thank goodness we are cuter now.  A lot fatter, but cuter.


Momma said...

Well, you definitely look related, and I suppose you could have made someone believe you were fraternal twins. Why did we let you do it? Who knows, but maybe it was because you thought you were so cool, we hated to burst your bubble of misplaced self-esteem. Look how cute you are NOW!!
Look at those matching smiles!

Maureen said...

You'll understand some day when Joseph thinks HE looks really boss in some outfit or hairstyle... mothers are all about keeping those precious egos in tact - to say nothing of seeing our children through rose tinted glasses.
You two sure did grow up to be cutie pies!

T Rex Mom said...

I think you gals look SO much alike - now and then. And I wish I had someone I could have dressed up just like when I was a kid. I didn't have anyone related to me close to my age and definitely didn't look that similar! Very cool!