Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

Do I clean up the kitchen or take a nap? (nap.)

Do I take a shower or take a nap? (nap.)

Do I put away clean laundry or take a nap? (nap.)

Do I do all of the above chores after my nap, or catch up on my blog. (Here I am...)

Do I make homemade applesauce for Joseph in my crock-pot, or bake a chocolate crock-pot cake?

Joseph has outgrown his brown fuzzy booties. Is he old enough to just wear socks, or does he need a new pair? (Save money. Sigh...)

Sweatpants or Jeans? (Hint: My stomach is expanding to its heart's content.)

Dry my hair or ponytail? (It's the sporty look.)

What can I hang above my mantle that is Christmas-y? (hmmm...)

Do I ignore Joseph's voice on the monitor and continue blogging, or do I go get him? (Goodbye.)


Maureen said...

What a day full of decision making! Thank you for choosing to nap, wear a "sporty" ponytail, make that sweet baby his own homemade applesauce and for getting him when he woke up :)
Love you Caitlin

T Rex Mom said...

Such a great and restrained Mom. I would have had to indulge in something - like the chocolate cake!