Monday, December 22, 2008

The Day of My Birth


As I said, yesterday was my Birthday!!  Can you believe how young I still am?  Can’t even rent a car.  And yet, so talented at blogging…odd…

My birthday didn’t go quite as planned because


Yep, poor Julie’s flight into Portland got cancelled again!  They were booked through tomorrow night, too, so think happy (warm) thoughts for the Portland airport!

Also, it snowed! 

IMG_0494 I love, love, love the snow, so it was a GREAT birthday present for me. IMG_0501 (Although, it kept Julie from her family, and me from Winco, so…)



Julie and I decided to make the most of our additional time together tomake/decorate some Christmas sugar cookies!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have ANY Christmas cookie cutters.  I know, I can make holiday marshmallows, but no holiday cookie cutters?    And why, oh why, would I have St. Patrick’s Day cookie cutters, but no Christmas ones?  I’m a mystery.

We decided to use the cookie cutters that were shaped like pumpkins (kind of like Christmas balls) and hearts (because we LOVE Christmas…?)  Unfortunately again, some didn’t come out so good and looked just like blobs.

So, Julie is REALLY good at decorating cookies, and me…not so much.  Let’s just get to eating.  Look here:


Can you tell which ones were mine?

I’ll give you a hint, mine are the ones that look just like frosted blobs-IMG_0492

Here is one cookie that I am quite proud of.


Yes, yes, it IS little baby Jesus laying in the manger!  Thank you!  (Julie did the manger.)

While Brian was taking Julie to the airport / picking Julie up from the airport, I made a calzone,IMG_0515 and hung out with Joseph.


Check out that shirt that I made!  Boojah!

Then, Joseph and I took our second annual Birthday Picture in Front of the Mantel!


caitlin's Birthday!

Here are last years’:


Look at how far my mantle (and Joseph) have come!

We threw the babies in bed, and settled down to eat cookies and watch Big Love; a show, ironically, about polygamy.  Just Brian and his two wives…


Maureen said...

Pretty "BOSS" custom shirts Joseph!
The baby jesus cookie is very creative... I'm sure no one has invented a cookie cutter for that yet! Love the photo shoot of Mother and son

T Rex Mom said...

I love the photos of you and Joseph on your birthday. Looks like a good day! Tell Julie we hope she gets home for Christmas. We're sending her positive thoughts.

Momma said...

Darling photos! I see that Joseph's enjoyment of the snow is totally dependant upon gloves. Cute "J" shirt, too.
The baby Jesus cookie is really special, but who will eat it?? Rather a risk, don't you think? Remember.... "What Would Jesus Do?"