Thursday, December 11, 2008

Joseph + Santa =…


What’s that you say?  I haven’t posted the picture of Joseph with Santa yet?  I’m sorry!  How neglectful of me!

Here you go.


Joseph was very friendly with Santa while we stood and talked to him- even touching his beard.  The second I set him on Santa’s lap and walked away, he freaked out. (exactly as I predicted!)  In this picture, Joseph is saying, “ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?  GET AWAY FROM ME!!”  Good old St. Nick was a trooper though, although his teeth leave some magic to be desired.

Here is Joseph with Santa last year, in the same blue chair.


Much more cooperative, but he was a bit less cute.  As I always say, you win some, you lose some.


Maureen said...

And as I always say "Joseph is SO SMART!" He knows he's not supposed to hang out with strangers :)
Good try though Momma!

T Rex Mom said...

I think both photos are charming in their own ways. Santa can be quite overwhelming - especially for the little ones.