Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow..


Sorry- I know that I haven’t posted in a while.  My Mom actually wrote me a border-line hate email telling me to blog or else!  And something about being sick of looking at my mixer…?  Weird, I could stare at it all day!  Anyway, I always obey my Momma, so I stopped my crafty projects and treat-making long enough to do a little blogging.  (More about crafty projects in a bit.)

The past few days have been snowy, snowy, snowy here!  I love it- the snow is one of my favorite parts of living out here in Idaho. 

Brian, Julie, and I decided to introduce the boys to the snow!


Look how sweet this is! 

IMG_0420 Jaxon is such a happy baby. (But, he pretty much never sleeps.  Not my problem, though, so I think he is perfect!)

Joseph was less cooperative (surprise), but very curious about all of the white stuff.


(Reindeer hat courtesy of Jaxon- we were trying to do some family pictures.  More on that later too.  Sigh.)

Here is he looking all outdoorsy…


…and then he fell.


He says it turns out that the snow is REALLY cold, and hurts his little baby hands!!



No amount of blowing on them could help.


And then we all came inside.



The End of our snow adventure.


Momma said...

Yep, that's the charming little guy we have been wanting to see. Good for a laugh, that's for sure. And who is that Julie-chick? She adorable! So's the baby Jaxon.
Love to all of you,
Mom/Auntie Beth

Maureen said...

I'm with you Beth! I was having withdrawals from the "Adventures of Joseph", too! Great picture of Julie and Jaxon - they should move to Idaho because clearly that baby loves the snow :)