Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Y chromosome



Lately, I have been looking at Joseph and noticing something.

He is different.  Different than me, different than he used to be…

He is not my little baby- he is a BOY.


Take this newest batman obsession, for example.

Out of nowhere, Joseph decided that Batman is the coolest thing on the planet (note: he had never watched a batman show or looked at a comic book at the time.)  There was just something innately attractive about the caped crusader to my little male.

So, we got Joseph a Batman Halloween costume…


And now it is ALL Batman ALL the time.


My fingers are sore- sore I tell you!- from buttoning and unbuttoning that darn costume all day long.

That costume is the first thing that he asks for when he wakes up!  And, when I say, “Not right now, honey” he proceeds to ask, “Now?  It’s Batman time now?  Now?” Until I want to rip out my poor tired eyeballs…or give in and put on the costume.


I hear him in the other room saying “BAT-mobile!  BAT-mobile!” over and over.

He is constantly posing, flexing, leaping, chopping, and telling me to “WATCH OUT for my spikes on my arm!!  Look at my HUGE muscles!!”

IMG_4382 (showing me the spikes)

He sings the Batman theme song ad nauseum.

What is the appeal?

Who is this person?

Is this what it is going to be like raising a BOY?! (boyS??!)



Yesterday, we were talking about our day as usual when Joseph asked me, “Mama, you love Batman?”

Yes, I suppose I do love Batman.”

You love Joker?” he asked next.

“No, I don’t love Joker” I played along.

No, her is a CRIMINAL!  Her is BAD!” he shouted.

Then, he said, “Do squirrels love Joker?”

Squirrels?” maybe I misheard him.

Yes, squirrels!”

No, probably not.”

YES!  Yes squirrels DOs!  They DOs love Joker!”

And then he punched the air and ran off.



Maybe a girl next?


britney said...

You have totally made my day. First, I am so glad that Isaac is okay. Second, I still can't believe that you live in New York City. Third, this post about "Batman" put me in tears. I was laughing so hard at the end that I thought I was going to wake up my sleeping babies. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I agree with Suzy, I want one of the first copies of your book.

Jenners said...

Scary when they suddenly turn into boys, isn't it?

And at least you're in Gotham!!! Glad to know Batman is there protecting the town!

T Rex Mom said...

Jenners hit the nail on the head - you now live in Gotham City so he probably noticed the city needed a hero. Apparently, he is that hero!

And after further consideration regarding the whole blueberry emergency. I've decided that you wanted to see NY firemen. I remember that posting not-so-long ago about the fire truck parked at the grocery store.