Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blueberries, Batman, and the ER

Alright, I couldn't leave all of you dear readers hanging until tomorrow!
I will postpone my bedtime to fill you in.

Let me start by saying that everyone is just fine now! Also, this post is a little bit detailed and rambly- so feel free to skim.

On Friday night, the boys and I were eating a leisurely dinner (Brian was working late) when Isaac choked on a blueberry. (Yes, I had been giving him SMALL SOFT blueberries, or large ones cut up...)
It seemed to be a normal everyday choke (coughing,etc) until he inhaled deeply and stopped breathing.
Stopped. Breathing!

I threw off the high chair tray
(literally. Food EVERYWHERE!) and threw him over my knee to begin the baby Heimlich.

I don't know how long it took, it SEEMED like a million years, but I do know that it was long enough for me to administer back blows, sit him upright, and then throw him over the other knee to start back blows again.

Now I was beginning to panic and wonder "At what point to I stop trying this and call 911? Where is my cell phone? Do I call the doorman first?"

Then, Isaac gave a gag and began breathing again.

Kind of.
Instead of normal breathing, he was giving shallow gasps, followed by gags/heaves. Over and over and over.

I knew he was getting SOME air, so I walked around with him patting on his back, offering some water, and generally shaking and stunned.

Finally, I called my mom, and asked her to listen to what Isaac was doing. She listened for about a second and said, "Take him to urgent care. NOW! GO!"

I turned to Joseph and said, "Joseph, Isaac is really sick and we need to take him to the doctor RIGHT NOW. You need to listen to mommy and come get in the stroller NOW."

Miracle of miracles, he listened! He was in his beloved batman costume at the time (which deserves it's own post), and the only thing he said was "I can't find my cape!" as he was climbing into the stroller.

Long story a bit less long, we couldn't find an urgent care nearby, I stopped a few people who lived in the area, including a pregnant woman who kept bursting into tears every time Isaac would gag.
After determining that the nearest Urgent Care was waaaaaay too far for my comfort level, a local business owner who had come out to see what was the matter ran into his store to call 911.

And the sirens started coming.
2 fire trucks and 2 ambulances came screaming around the corner as Isaac gave one final big gag and... began chewing.
And looking around.

Once the firemen (!!!) could see that the baby could wait for the paramedics to unload, they turned to Joseph.

"Batman! What are you doing here?" They shouted.
"I'm here to RESCUE PEOPLE!" Joseph shouted back!

Commence the end of my terror and the beginning of the best night of Joseph's life.
Firemen! Firetrucks! They were talking right to him!
And then we got into the ambulance.
He turned to me and said "MOMMY! We are IN an ambulance!!!"

The paramedics determined that Isaac was doing fine- he had an elevated heart-rate from panicking, and he still sounded a bit phlemmy, but not in any danger.
They recommended that we still go into the hospital in case part of the blueberry was still in his lung/airway that could dislodge and become a problem later in the night.

So, they asked "Batman" if he wanted to ride in the front (ummm..oh yeah!) and away we went. I couldn't really hear what Joseph was saying, but I do know that he was talking the WHOLE time!

After 3 hours (!!!!) by myself with both boys in the ER
(I kept telling Brian not to bother coming because SURELY we were going to be next!), it was determined that

1) Isaac is fine

2) I will never let him eat blueberries again
3) The FDNY (does that include paramedics?) are the best ever
4) The batman costume turns my son into a wonderful, friendly, brave little boy who I don't even recognize.

He was going up to complete strangers (Even men! Even men of different races!), and initiating conversations about Batman. And giving high fives. And cracking up all of the doctors and patients.

Basically he was a huge hit.

So, I survived my first 911 call, and our first trip to a NY hospital.

Then, I took my boys and my stroller at
11pm and hailed a cab.

Sometimes I don't even recognize myself.

Thank you Lord, for keeping my sweet baby safe!


Jen said...

Oh my God! How scary! I am so glad that everything turned out alright and that Batman was there with you. :)

T Rex Mom said...

That is so freaking awesome!!!

I have not other words except that I'm glad everyone is fine.

TRexDad said...

I am starting to think you moved to New York just to get the BEST BLOG FODDER EVER!

So glad everyone is ok! We miss you!

suzy said...

LOL. for most of this story. scary of course, but i LOVE your writing. i claim the 10th copy of your book when you become a famous author.

septembermom said...

I'm so glad that everyone is okay. That is some NY story. Tell Joseph that I never got high fives from a NYC fireman and I've been living in NY for a very long, long time :)

Jenners said...

Sweet Lord Almighty ... sounds like everyone is a superhero in this story (especially Mommy who kept her head).

What a crazy night.

And you tell the best stories ever.

God I'm glad this has a happy ending.

ter@waaoms said...

oh gosh, this post had me crying (about Issac) and laughing (about joseph, ahem, batman). I felt your fear and your joy. I'm so glad everything turned out okay.