Monday, October 18, 2010

New Yorker (Almost)


I Felt Like A New Yorker This Weekend When:

1)  I was asked for directions three times- and I knew what to tell them!  (Well, one time I kind of guessed.  But I was pretty sure.  Let’s hope.)

2)  I was walking on the sidewalk and started fighting my way through a heavy crowd.  I thought- “TOURISTS!  What are they all doing here?”  And then realized that I was standing next to the Empire State Building.

3)  I was pushing my kids on swings at the playground in Brooklyn(From Boise to Brooklyn…sounds like a good blog name…)  We were the only Caucasian people in the park, but it didn’t seem strange anymore, and Joseph didn’t even notice.

4)  I stepped over all of the mysterious puddle/streams along the sidewalks of Manhattan (urine?) without hardly even having to look down.

5)  I didn’t even jump when a man next to me started yelling loudly at another man a few floors above us.  In Italian.

6)  I didn’t say “Bless you” every time someone around me sneezed.  Actually, yes I did.  But that’s just polite.



blueviolet said...

You assimilate so fast and I'm quite impressed with you!

Jenners said...

I love the idea of "From Boise To Brooklyn." It does sound like an awesome blog title (or book title ... just saying.)

I'll be curious to hear more of your transition to New Yorker!

Maureen said...

You are an amazing woman Caitlin and I am so proud of YOU!