Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The View From Here : 3:45 pm



Recovering from a busy day at the Manhattan Children’s Museum, Joseph and I “snuggle in mommy-daddy’s bed.”

See the blankets, etc. on the ground?  That is where Joseph has been sleeping for the past two months!


Jen said...

Sometimes, lounging in bed is the only way to go.

T Rex Mom said...

That sounds great right about now. I just finished some great snuggles with my little guy - reading time before bed. It's cold and windy outside so we huddled under the blankets to stay warm. I left so early this morning I did not even see my little guy while he was awake.

I miss Joseph's buzz cut - I forgot how cute it was. And I bet you're anxious to get back to some normal sleeping arrangements.

And great elevator story, too!

Time for some rough lovin' with Isaac if he wakes up? That's a tough one. You don't want to spoil him but you also don't want him waking everyone else up. One week - it'll be easier. Hang time.

septembermom said...

Love snuggling time. How was the Manhattan Children's Museum? See there is another NYC place that you can teach me about. LOL.

blueviolet said...

You've been there 2 months already?

Jenners said...

I bet he loves camping out on the floor like that though!

Maureen said...

Always the good choice to'll NEVER regret taking that time with your sweet boys.