Monday, October 18, 2010

The View from here


Breakfast dishes on the table (I thought about editing them out, but-hey!- it’s the view!)

Joseph talking about Batman,

Isaac pulling himself up on whatever he can find that is near his big brother.  And wearing Christmas jammies in October (whatev.)

Me sitting in a chair trying to check my email, talk about Batman, make sure my baby doesn’t get a concussion, and soaking in a typical morning.






















blueviolet said...

I love how he wants to be by Batman!

Jenners said...

Wow ... the Batman obsession is lasting a looooongg time. It can still work since it isn't Halloween yet ... but what are you going to do afterward?

A cute view!

T Rex Mom said...

T Rex feels the same way about Buzz Lightyear. Even when I won't let him wear the Buzz PJs or costume, he wants to hold them. I ordered him inflatable wings - I cannot wait to see what he says about that!

When do you move into the new place? I bet you're ready to have a new view? Although, it seems like you've made a pretty nice view with what you've been given.

Where are the boys going trick-or-treating?

Maureen said...

Batman is SUCH a stud! And I think the last picture is adorable as Joseph - oops, Batman can stay no longer and Isaac just stares after him. I bet he got on the move right after the picture was taken. LOVE THOSE BOYS!!!

septembermom said...

Isaac would make a cool Robin, I bet :) Cute pictures. Hope to call you soon :)