Friday, October 29, 2010

Joseph’s View From Here: 6:00ish AM


A few weeks ago, Joseph got up and snuck out of the bedroom without waking up Brian or me.

He proceeded to eat a jar of jam with a fork, empty brian’s wallet, and then get down the camera to take some pictures.




IMG_4327 (this could also be called Spot the 1000000 hazards for children in the hotel room…)









Maureen said...

WOW, kind of amazing to see things from an almost 3 year olds perspective. Good luck packing things up for the big move! Wish I could help you!!!

septembermom said...

Fun seeing that morning's perspective from Joseph's angle :)

T Rex Mom said...

This made me laugh, smile, and cringe all at the same time. T Rex is looking and says he wants to see the jungle gym again - not sure what that means.

We missed you at play group yesterday :(

Good luck on the move and we look forward to reading/hearing more about the new place.

Rachel said...

Hahaha, I just came down stairs from a nap to find melted popsicle on the carpet. Lovely. At least you have proof!

Jenners said...

Oh I'm just laughing at this. Your life is never boring is it?

Mellises said...

Ah HAHA AAAHHH HHAAAh HA HAHAHA!! I was blog catching up and found you were in New York. What an adventure!

...if it helps, my mom tied my foot to the bed at night when I was little because I may have been a little like your boy here. You could try that... maybe just don't tell Brian about it.

suzy said...

hahahah!!!! i love it! shows that he knows what's up! camera = a good time! can't wait to hear more about your new home... i'm going to call you today. :)