Friday, October 1, 2010

Empire State Building

Did you know that, at the top of the Empire building, there is a button?

A big red button?

About 3 feet off the ground?

Did you know that this button is for emergencies (terrorists, fires, heart attacks, and the like) and not for fun?

If this button were to be pushed, did you know that someone would be on the line (read: a nice loud speaker projecting across the observation deck) instantly?

Did you know that, at the top of the Empire State Building, there is a nice guard named Ryan?

And that Ryan is super understanding and patient when your son pushes said red button, even though Ryan has already had to tell you to get your son down from climbing on the observation deck fence?

Did you know that Ryan also doesn't even get upset when the offending toddler then turns to him and asks if he is the mailman? (Even though, in his mind at least, Ryan's outfit is clearly for a GUARD of the Empire State Building and not just a pidly-old-MAILMAN!)

See all of the things that you (we) are learning?


septembermom said...

Ryan does sound like a nice guy :) Glad that you guys are having fun.

Jenners said...

So funny about the mailman comment!!! I bet it helped make Ryan's day a little less boring!

T Rex Mom said...

I loved this story when you told me about it on the phone. I can totally see this happening. How many shades of embarrassed red did your face turn?!?