Monday, May 18, 2009

The Weekend



Hello, internet! 

Man, I feel disconnected when I haven’t been on this thing in a while. 

I start to believe that cleaning up Cheerios and wiping bums is really all that is going on in the world.

I have been pretty busy around here with a few projects that we are working on.  Hopefully, I will blog about them soon!


We had a lovely, but HOT, weekend in Boise.

IMG_3376         IMG_3375

I hate summer.  I hate being hot.  I send disclaimers to my friends explaining why I will turn down any invitations for outside activities when it is over 80 degrees.

But, besides that, lovely.


Joseph turned 18 months on Friday, and we celebrated by getting him a fun slide for the yard.



Well, actually, I just saw it in a resale shop and bought it, the whole 18 month thing was a coincidence.


Joseph also developed a new table trick this weekend:

IMG_3383                      IMG_3386

He has been sitting like this at every meal ever since.

We are trying to ignore it and hoping that it will go away.


Hope that you all had great weekends too- I am back in the saddle, and ready to blog!



Maureen said...

Now THAT is a boss slide! And a brand that will withstand the test of time and toddlers! Good find!

T Rex Mom said...

Looks like a fun time!

Cool slide! We can't wait to try it out! And also hear about the other projects.

Glad you're back!

Jen said...

I totally here ya about the hot thing. I hate going out when its hot. The kids beg and beg to play outside but I just can't stand it. I wish that it could be 70 degrees all summer long.

Love that he is eating wiht this toes.

Nina said...

18 months, I love these milestones in age.

Very cute slide, Thomas would love that. We have a swing set out back but it is for bigger kids and he scares me to death on the thing.

We have not hit that hot weather here yet. The last couple days it has been in the 40's when we get up in the morning. I don't like that end of the weather scale.

Jenners said...

I'm just back from vacation and catching up with your always fun and delightful blog! God I wish I could share photos of my little dude on my blog but hubbys says "no." My guy had almost the same exact fake smile/wrinkled nose at that age ... totally cracked me up!!!!

And I'm a recovering Catholic but I know the type of whom you speak ... too bad you didn't get the call so you could decline her invite.

And I hate HOT too. Miserable. As soon as there is an inkling of heat and humidity in the air, the air conditioning goes on and I never turn it off.