Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reviewing my poll

** Something seems to be wrong in the font sizing of blogger. When I hit publish, everything in the second half gets huge. Sorry! **

Well, everyone, I think that my "I'm bored, help me think of something to do" poll wrapped up quite well.

Let's review:

-18 of you voted for the new baby

Wow. People REALLLY love babies when they don't effect
their sleep/girlish figure/feminine parts.

Heck, if any of YOU guys asked me if
you should have a new baby, I would immediately say yes. Why not? Do it!!

Anyway, we all know that
blog peer pressure and a good old fashioned poll are the best reasons to decide to reproduce, so we'll bow to your better judgment and perhaps start writing some letters to ol' Mr. Stork soon.

-8 voted that I take up a new craft or hobby

Isn't that so nice of all of you?

My guess is that most of the people who voted for this one remember oh so well the
pain-swelling-water retention-sleepless nights-colic that come with a baby and that you are all trying to save me from myself.

The thing is, I am not so creative.
Well, I am creative in my HEAD, but it doesn't transfer well.

But, practice makes perfect, yes? I'll see what I can cook up.


-3 of you said that I wasn't BORED, just LAZY and that I should get off my computer and clean my house.

Ouch, blog readers, ouch.

I know for a fact that 1 of these voters was my mother (don't deny it), and another one was my mother's identical twin sister.

So, who was the lucky number 3, eh?

And how did you know? Seriously. I do need to clean my house.

But doesn't having a baby sound so much easier?


T Rex Mom said...

You're too funny!

I'm waiting to hear who #3 was!

Great visit today! It was awesome to catch up on news and the smoothies were excellent! I'm off to make another one.

Loved hanging out and T Rex was much happier with a change of scenery!

Nina said...

I am having that same issue with Blogger. I get so mad when I go to publish and half my message doubles in size. Maybe it thinks that part is more important. Who knows!

Everyone loves a new baby!

I am just like you, great with ideas they just never work out. My mom is the queen of crafty and I didn't get any of that. Frustrates me!

Rachel said...

I voted for number two because yes I do know how much it sucks being pregnant.

Momma said...

Hey, we both thought it was an ANOYMOUS vote, you little scamp. We were just kidding, of! Seriously!!!

septembermom said...

People love to vote for babies! I remember those days when I had my first son. It seemed like everyone would stop me and say, "When are you having the next one?" After my second and third sons, people would say, "Are you going to try for the girl?" After I had my daughter, now people say, "Well, of course you're done. You must be finished."

Mrs4444 said...

You're funny, Caitlin. Sorry I missed the poll.

As for that font thing, for me it only happens when I write the draft elsewhere and try to copy/paste it. Sometimes you can get rid of it if you look in the HTML code in the Edit mode and play around with the font size. It probably says 130 right now; try 100. Good luck! :)

Me said...

A baby would definitely relieve boredom.