Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I have regained control



There is something about bugs that really makes me freak out.

If I see a spider on the wall, my palms instantly start sweating, and I close my eyes and hope that my Dad will magically appear.

Bugs in my kitchen?

The worst.

SOME PEOPLE may think that I overreacted.

They may say something about how a few sugar ants shouldn’t constitute tears, a hysterical trip to Home Depot, and most of the day/night spent gripping my bug-spray and staring at the walls.

Whatev.  I just FEEL things more than most people.  Yep, that’s it.



Anyway, I am back in control of my kitchen, my day, and my emotions.


We had a great weekend visiting with my sister, brother-in-law, and their three kids


(They look maybe bored, but they were just watching Elmo)

Joseph was in HEAVEN with 3 playmates around, and Brian and I commented on how odd it was to have our legs both free of whining-clinging-boy.


He’s back, though, so don’t worry.

I also harvested my first batch of veggies from the garden- a big bowl of spinach!


Mother’s Day was fun and low-key.  Brian and Joseph gave me the privilege of picking out a hanging-basket (I would rather pick it out myself, so that works for me!)  which I ordered through a local farm and will pick up over the weekend.

I got to sleep in, and wake up to a husband-clean house. (As opposed to an ACTUAL clean one.  Do you feel me, wives?)  It was so lovely!

Thanks, Brian for making my day nice and relaxing and mostly about me!

Thanks Carrie, and family, for making the (long, boring) trek out to Idaho!


In other news-

My wisteria is blooming, and I think that it is just about the prettiest thing that I have ever seen.

IMG_3319        IMG_3322

I just want to sit and stare at it all day!


And, look what my little stinker did at breakfast this morning


It is quickly becoming routine for him to finish a meal by THROWING all of the remaining food/dishes off of the table.


As you can see, despite my yelling, he finds the whole situation very amusing.


Oh, and look at this adorable picture I snapped of Brian and Joseph this evening.


Daddy is SO Joseph’s best friend right now.

Don’t you think that tomorrow should be go-to-work-with-your-best-friend day?



T Rex Mom said...

Glad things are back on track. You have a LOVELY garden and your spinach looks SO good.

Looks like an entertaining visit with the family - especially for Joseph!

Maureen said...

LOVE the picture of the boys...nice one caitlin! And I'm sure your Mom will have a perfect idea for stopping the "throwing of the food" experiment Joseph is trying out! Good Luck!

Jen said...

I hate ants too! they suck. And my kids did the whole throw the plate things too, wait they still do.

Nina said...

Glad to here the ants are under control. That flower is so pretty, I just planted my flowers and garden. Ok my garden is half planted but I am working on it.

I am so jealous that you got your husband to clean house. That never happens in my house.