Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend



This past weekend was just about the most relaxing thing ever.

Every time Joseph was asleep, be it for the night, or for a nap, Brian and I would watch movies.

Heaven.  Just me, Brian, and my bowl of popcorn. (Which Brian wouldn’t eat b/c of his new diet- more on that later.)

In fact, these are the only pictures that I took all weekend- because I was too busy lazing around.  And Brian stayed in his underwear full-time.


In that one Joseph is on his way to put the empty fish-cracker bag back into the drawer.


Can’t every weekend be a three day weekend?  Doesn’t it seem that 4 days on and 3 days off is just more fair?


T Rex Mom said...

The colorful fishy crackers make for good photos graphs.

Totally - it should be 4 days on, 3 off! Reversed would be even better but then.

That's you calling. Time for swimming fun!

Nina said...

Yes, I would agree fully. Of course I can't complain to much since I do only work in the mornings on Friday's so it does feel like a three day weekend for me.

Nina said...

Oh and that is great just hanging out watching movies. I have a list a mile long of movies I can't wait to watch, just have to find the time.

Took Luke to see Night at the Museum and he loved it and about 50 previewed movies that are coming out this summer. It is going to be an expensive summer.

Rachel said...

Dude, I'm all for a 4 day weekend.