Monday, May 4, 2009

Number Two

Let me really quickly say that, NO, I'm not pregnant, and no, this post isn't about poop.

Except now it is, kind of.

Because if you search my blog for the word, "Poop," this post will come up.

I have noticed a strange phenomenon in the past six months. Ever since Joseph turned one, people are all up in my business regarding my sex life.

I would say that at least twice a week, I have someone ask when I am going to "have number two" or say that it "looks like it's time for another one!"

Now, I'm not talking about family or friends- you know me well enough to know that I am not afraid to talk about that kind of thing, and that chances are I will call you as soon as that stick turns positive.

I am talking about complete strangers!

In the grocery stores, at parks, at the mall- It's everywhere!

Since when have I become a ticking-baby-making-timebomb?
Since when is it appropriate for "marital relations" to be discussed openly among strangers?

And I never really know how to respond.

Do they really want to discuss this? Are they really wanting to know whether or not we are tracking my cycles, doing x when y says its time, and elevating my hips? (we're not)

Do they really want to know the status of my husband's sperm, my eggs, my uterus, our fertility status? (seems fine, thanks for asking.)

Or do they really just think that my "food baby" might maybe be a "BABY BABY" and this is their way of opening the door for me to say, "You caught me! I'm pregnant right now!" ?

Either way, I'm at a loss.

So, until I AM pregnant and can get all of these people off my back (my uterus?) I will just have to smile demurely and keep fending off questions about "when I am having number two."

(Soon! You nosy, nosy, readers!)


T Rex Mom said...

Funny! We get this a lot too but it doesn't seem as much as you guys do.

I'd like to hear more about what strangers have to say. And if I've ever bugged you or been one of those people please accept my apologies.

Thanks for having us over for playing today. It really passed the afternoon quickly.

See you tomorrow for your afternoon off!

Rachel said...

Ha, at least they aren't asking you if you are already pregnant because they thought you looked like it. I swear I would end up going to jail some day if someone asked me that because I would kill them!

Jen said...

I have vowed NEVER to ask this question of people b/c people actually ask me this question all the time.

Nina said...

It is funny how people ask those questions. I had family driving us crazy for years asking when we were having another. I got great pleasure out of driving them all crazy and dragging it out a really long time.