Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obviously, I have some issues

Remember the crazy lady that I told you about who just so happened to be Catholic (unrelated) who cornered me in Winco and wanted me to come to her Catholic-only playgroup?

Well, she hasn't called me.

Which I should feel relieved about,
but, strangely, it hurts my feelings a little.

Of course, I would just reject both her playgroup and her religious advances and ask her never to call again, but shouldn't I get that chance?

What if I really WAS interested in going to her playgroup?
What if I was completely alone in this city, and her invitation was the first chance at friendship that I had been offered?
What if I was a heathen who was willing to be converted, and this was my only opportunity to be saved?

Really she should call.

So that I can jilt her and go on my merry way,

And stop looking for her number on my caller ID every time my phone rings.

Wait, are we dating?


Jen said...

I get this you want to be the rejector not the rejectee.

T Rex Mom said...

You crack me up!

Great to see you guys today! Looking forward to more play dates soon! Have a great weekend with the family.

Aileigh said...

That's funny! Yeah, it seems better to be the rejector. Maybe she is busy with her 5 kids and all! :)

Nina said...

You are so funny!!! Rejection sucks but hey maybe she lost your number or something.

Rachel said...

You are so hilarious Caitlin. You want what you can't get and you don't want what you can get.

septembermom said...

Hey what is that lady's problem? So funny Caitlin! Wonder if she would remember you if she saw you again... Sounds like a potential follow up post:)