Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trip to Oregon Stats

The number of prayers I said to get Joseph to go back to sleep.
("PLEASE, God...")

4:20 Mountain
We started our day

The number of minutes that our flight was delayed, due to fog. (Fog in Boise? )

The number of times that Joseph tried to run into the men's bathroom by the terminal
(Joseph: laughing)
(People in terminal: REALLY laughing)
(Me: Blushing and sweating profusely)

Times that Joseph was successful in entering the men's bathroom. All the way to the urinals.
(I yelled, "I'm coming in!!")


Minutes spent playing in the drinking fountain. Push the button, laugh. Splash in the water, laugh. Mommy takes a drink, laugh. Joseph takes a drink, laugh. You get the idea. It's the little things.

The number of ounces of milk that leaked into my carry-on bag; the one containing the books, food, and toys. I didn't notice it until too late.
("Why do I keep stepping in milk? Ohhhh....")
I left a trail through the Boise airport as I pushed my stroller...

The amount of money that I spent for two finger puppets at Old Navy. Finger Puppets + kissy noises + an occassional game of peekabo = FUNNY!
Worth every penny.

The approximate age of the elderly lady sitting in the wheel chair that Joseph tried to push.
Like a stroller.
He was unsuccessful and threw a quick temper tantrum.

The number of seconds it takes for the alarm to sound after you push on the emergency exit.
(Why do they put the bar you push so low? Why is my child so tall?)

The number of seconds it took me to reach Joseph and stop him before he continued to press the door and set off the alarm.
It just made a fun beeping...

Minutes that the actual flight took.

9:00 Pacific
I went to bed.

Well, that's about it. A lady did tell me that she had been watching me, and she thought that I was the most patient and happy mom that she had ever seen in an airport. I almost burst into tears, I was so tired!

The actual plane ride was a breeze! Joseph was very good and sat quietly on my lap looking at flash cards and drinking apple juice.
We didn't even need to eat all of my emergency supply of M & Ms.
...We didn't need to.
...But we did.


T Rex Mom said...

Ooohhh, I feel so bad for you! But I know that you were exactly what the woman said. Totally an awesome mom! Wonderful friend too! Have a great trip and we will miss you!

Mommy of M's said...

HAHAHA, oh you crack me UP!

You are braver than I my friend, the boys have not been on an airplane yet!

Maureen said...

Maybe we can talk Granddad into going into the airport with you to help with Joseph... especially if he gets into the mens room again!
You are SO funny Caitlin!

The Stark Family said...

This is so funny to read but I know how you feel!! I'm sure you are a very patient mommy! I love reading your blog. Joseph is sure a cutie too!