Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun at PDX

Here is Joseph running around the Portland airport (PDX).

He was a total ham all afternoon, and got lots of smiles, chuckles, and compliments out of the fellow travelers.

He was pretty popular.

He could practically be the airport's mascot.

(Edited to add: Did you hear him point to his shoes and say "socks?" Close enough, right? It's his newest word!)


Maureen said...

How funny to see him have to get right down on that shiny floor to feel it. I also love watching him move because he clearly loves being on the go! GO JOE GO!
PS Good word - "socks"

britney said...

That word sounded more like "Gus" to me. I guess being a mother makes you in tune to those things. I probably would've said "No your name's Joeseph" and he probably would've thought "That lady's an idiot, I clearly said socks".

T Rex said...

I love to cruise around too - looks like you were having so much fun! Wish I could have cruised with you! And it is clear to me you said "socks"!