Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tamed (Kind of.)



I have broken Joseph’s spirit.

Wait, no, I really haven’t,

(let’s just say that the past few days have held many tantrums, Joseph hitting me repeatedly about the face, and the Google search Christmas cactus poisonous?”),

but I have tamed the wild, early morning beast in him… just a little.

I had tried everything to get him to go back to sleep:

-A bottle in case he was hungry.

-Rocking and snuggling in case he was scared/lonely.

-Back patting.


-Turning up the heat.

-Turning down the heat.

-I even told him that he could not have a little brother or sister to play with until he started sleeping past 6:00 consistently.

He remained unmoved.

So, I got (a little) tough.

Here’s how it goes down:

He cries (at 3:50-4:15 am…or earlier).

I curse.

He cries again.

I mutter something about the “joy of motherhood” being a sham.

I go into his room, let him hug me whilst not getting him out of the crib.

I quickly check to make sure that he hasn’t peed through his clothes, then “help him” lay down and rub his back for a few minutes.

I leave and run back to my warm bed.

He cries.

I cry.

I bring him a small drink in a sippy cup, and repeat the back rubbing session.

This goes on- with me going back in every few minutes- until he gives in and goes back to sleep for a little while.

Then, when he wakes up at a more appropriate time (6:00 is all I’m asking!), I turn on lights, start some coffee, and greet him with a cheerful-ish smile.

The good news is that I only had to do this for a couple of nights, and it seems like he may be catching on.

That is to say, that he is sleeping until at least 5:15, with an occasional 6:00 miracle.

But, mostly 5:15.


So close.

And yet, so far.

(Only children are nice…)



T Rex Mom said...

I do hope it gets better - tough love is sometimes much harder on the parents than the child. Thomas had his first timeout a couple days ago - I cried the whole 2 minutes too!

Maureen said...

Sounds like you're doing everything right to me Caitlin! What a good Momma!