Thursday, January 22, 2009

One year ago today



Sometimes, when I am adding pictures to Picasa, I come across pictures that I uploaded exactly one year ago. 

You know, because I type in the file name as 1-22-08 because I forget that it is ‘09, and then the computer *blurps* an error sound at me, and then I try about 3 more times (3 more *blurps*) before I notice that OOHH, I am in the wrong year!  And then, I realize that that means that there must be a file for 1-22-08, and I check, and here we are.

Or, we could just say that I come across them.

In any case,

1-22-08 133 1-22-08 002 1-22-08 006 1-22-08 008 1-22-08 096

In that second one, he was wrestling with Daddy for the first time, and fell asleep on the floor.  Awww…

If only he would fall asleep on the floor now a days…

(We are (I am) experiencing some technical difficulties.  I will check in with tech-support (Brian) and hopefully post some Oregon pictures/video tomorrow.)

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