Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday’s Culinary Adventure



Tonight, on Thursday’s Culinary Adventure:


Wowie!  My culinary wonders never cease!

Well, you can think that now, but wait until you see (read) how EASY they are to make!

What I didn’t tell you, is that these are MICROWAVE potato chips!  Hot dog!  I’m in!

-Take a potato.  I used a plain old russet potato.  But, I bet that a Yukon Gold would be delicious!  So creamy and buttery…no?  Did I lose all of you non-Idahoans?  Sorry.  Just get a potato.

-Slice it as thin as humanly possible.(We used our Bosch!)

IMG_0917   I do have slightly chubby fingers, but these are pretty thin.

Although, if the chips are a little thicker, it could still be good…maybe just not as crisp?  Do what you can.

As an added bonus, this Culinary Adventure doubles as a science experiment for “What happens when a potato is left, sliced, in the fridge overnight open on a plate.”


Someone, not naming names, forgot to put them in a baggie. 

(Hint:  He has a Y chromosome, and he’s potty trained.) 

So, if my potatoes look a little blackish purple to you…they are.

-Toss the sliced potato in a bag with 1 tsp. oil. (I used olive oil.)


-Spray a plate with non-stick spray.

IMG_0909 (please note the action photo.)

-Arrange the oil-coated potatoes on the plate on a single layer.


-Microwave them for 5-8 minutes.  Until the edges curl up and they start to turn brown.  Since mine are already brown, you’ll just have to trust me that they are done.


-Sprinkle with salt. 


The taste testers say:



Summary:  Potato chips!  That is what they taste like.  Salty, crispy, delicious!  And, very cheap, which we always like.  I think that next time you (and I) should experiment with maybe some garlic on top?  Or Rosemary?  Or, you could use sweet potatoes?  Yum!  Good clean family fun.

Grade: A-


Momma said...

That looks wonderfully simple! I am totally going to try it tomorrow. With my salad shooter, I bet I can even make shoestring potato fries!! But, about that potato of yours, I think I would have thrown those black ones out and started over again with a fresh spud. What?? No other potatoes in the house? I thought you were in IDAHO!

Maureen said...

Those look easy enough for ME! Nice job once again Caitlin :)
PS new shirt?

T Rex Mom said...

Why didn't we have any with lunch on Friday?!? Just kidding - Caitlin made these amazing grilled cheese sandwiches with her fabulous homemade bread. Strawberries and kiwi on the side. Chocolate cookies for dessert! I'll dine at Restaurant a la Caitlin anytime! Thanks for the wonderful meal!