Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oregon Visit


I am finally feeling like I have moment (with motivation) to post a few things!

This weekend was full of organization and house-clearing.  Bags to Goodwill, bags in the trash, sigh… The house is feeling blissfully empty.  Well, not empty, but emptier.  Time to fill er back up!! (Just kidding, Brian…)

We had such a wonderful visit to Oregon!  I am missing everyone already!  There was one scary incident involving Joseph and chocking, but I will blog about that later.

For some reason, I didn’t take very many pictures at all.  Here is what I do have.

The only pictures that I was able to take at the Boise airport. IMG_0771 IMG_0770


If you read my earlier post, you will know why…

My new niece, Rayley.


and my new nephew, Josiah!

josiahjosiah 2

Aren’t they cute?  Again, picture fail… I don’t have a single picture of me holding them!! (?)

But I did hold them, much to Joseph’s dismay!  He is going to take it hard when it is “big brother time.”

Joseph continues to be drawn to his Grandpas!  Here he is laughing it up with my Daddy.IMG_0779-1


Dad was eating some M&Ms, and Joseph could smell the chocolate on his breath.


He wanted a bite…



He also loved Mom and Dad’s rocking horse.

It took some serious concentration…


but then he was so proud!

IMG_0827-1 IMG_0825-1

He loves his Grandad, Mark, and gave him lots of love.  (sorry that these pictures are blurrier- maybe because I saved them from email?)

Oregon visit1

“Hi!” –says Joseph, ever so softly, while Mark tries to rest.

oregon visit 5

He even went on a tractor ride!


Maureen treated us to dinner at Ghenghis Khan, our FAVORITE Mongolian Grill place.


Looks like Joseph loves it too!


He made such a huge mess and was SOOO loud during dinner- banging on bowls, throwing spoons, etc.

He also loved his new airplane sucker from his Grandmo.


And then, the Portland airport, where I tried REALLY REALLY hard to not be grossed out as he lay down on the germ ridden ground.



Thanks for everything, Oregon family!!


T Rex said...

Joseph, you're having so much fun!!! Wish I could have been there too! You have cool family!

Maureen said...

We loved having you... Come again SOON!